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Borter Family

Looking to the future, right from the start! Al, Steve and Gary Borter, 1961.

Borter Heating & Air Conditioning Company is a small family business that has been owned and operated by family since 1961. Our definition of TEAM here is that we are all FAMILY and our members are not just one of any number of employees. We truly care about our people, both our employees and our customers. With a focus primarily on residential and light commercial HVAC work, we specialize in giving our customers the best possible installations, end-products and services available.

Founded in 1961, by Alfred, Doris and Tim Borter; Borter Heating & Air Conditioning built its reputation on consistently providing outstanding workmanship and customer service. Now in the second generation of ownership and 25 employees strong, we continue to serve DuPage County with quality service and equipment installation. Steve, Gary and P.J. Borter have also continued the tradition of giving back to the community through supporting local organizations, schools, churches and children’s programs. This is not only where we work, but where we live. We believe that an important part of being neighbors within a community is that we actively participate and contribute as best we can. These values are currently being instilled in our next generation because as the area changes, develops and grows so must we. The community’s needs change as do our consumers’ needs. We continually strive to recognize those needs to better serve our customers and our community.